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Alice is a DJ, Saxophonist, and electric musician based in Naarm (Melbourne). She seamlessly blends her passion for jazz, R&B, and electronica, while her unique style of saxophone improvisation injects a pulsating and electric energy into every performance.


Alice is a well-rounded and accomplished woodwind specialist, with a focus on the saxophone. She received her musical education at the prestigious Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and The Victorian College of the Arts, where she refined her skills to perfection. Her dedication to her instrument is unwavering, and her expertise in playing the saxophone is unparalleled. Alice’s comprehensive training and artistic sensibility enable her to create captivating musical experiences, evoking a wide range of emotions through her soulful and vibrant performances. Her reputation as a sought-after artist is a testament to her multidisciplinary approach and unwavering pursuit of excellence in the realm of woodwind performance.


Step into a captivating world of entertainment, featuring a plethora of exceptionally talented performers available for hire. Whether you’re organizing a special event or simply in search of an extraordinary experience, our roster of artists guarantees to amaze and enchant.

Our dedicated performers not only excel in their craft but are also fervently committed to leaving a lasting impression with each performance. They invest their heart and soul into every act, ensuring that each time you see them perform, you witness an unforgettable and magical experience.


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Just had Alice DJ at my wedding, and she fulfilled all my requests to a T! Working wiht MEC was easy and simple. As the request sheet was short I was worried I might have provided too many songs, but Alive worked so well with all my specific instructions and timings, even as the programme got delayed and things shifted around. It was definitely great to leave music in the hands of a professional, and enjoy listening to my favourite songs mixed all night. During the dance floor, transitions were quick too as requested so guests weren’t left with a super long transition wondering what the next song would be. Thanks for taking stress out of our day and helping us enjoy it so much more!

Fei Mo - Wedding

Alice was the kindest and most professional DJ we could have hoped for, and absolutely nailed it! Everyone had such a blast and kept telling us how much they were enjoying her. Highly recommended!

Dario Buso - Wedding


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