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Emma V

Emma has years of industry experience in performance, composing, session work, social activism and corporate events. She has experience in creating inclusive and safe spaces for her clients, and has an emphasis on creating wedding environments where people feel comfortable and full of joy. Emma will entertain a crowd of all ages, whether it be mashing up new contemporary hits, or having you reminisce about 2000’s dance classics, and early 60s soul. Her charming interaction with the crowd will keep a smile on your face throughout the whole night.


Emma is able to offer multiple musical outfits to suit the event. She has the diversity to be able to perform in all different styles and environments due to her extensive years of performing. Emma has a warmness to her that is intrinsic to her demeanor, and is able to interact and bond with people from all walks of life. Emma works as a disability carer on the side, and her passion for connection and human rights oozes through her music and persona. She’ll be remembered for her unique soulful takes on classics, dance anthems and contemporary tunes, but more importantly for her kind and fun spirited energy.


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Our dedicated performers not only excel in their craft but are also fervently committed to leaving a lasting impression with each performance. They invest their heart and soul into every act, ensuring that each time you see them perform, you witness an unforgettable and magical experience.


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