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Saavy is a professional DJ that can work any crowd into a frenzy! When he lays his hands on the deck, he creates absolute magic, and when he speaks into the microphone, his words flow like honey. Catch him grooving behind the decks, and trust us when we say this, he won’t let you settle down either! Saavy’s music selections are never cookie-cutter – he always manages to play the right tracks at the right time. He will have you on your feet all night long – so be prepared to let loose and have a blast!


Saavy has always loved keeping the crowd on their feet. As a youngster, he would entertain his family and friends with renditions of 50s classics and Motown hits. He’s since expanded his repertoire to include songs from all genres, but his heart lies in house music. He loves getting a crowd moving to the beat and often takes to the mic to add an extra layer of fun to the night. Saavy is always up for a good time, and he’ll make sure your event is one you’ll never forget!


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Our dedicated performers not only excel in their craft but are also fervently committed to leaving a lasting impression with each performance. They invest their heart and soul into every act, ensuring that each time you see them perform, you witness an unforgettable and magical experience.


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