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Enhance the atmosphere of your event or wedding with the skilled expertise of a seasoned Master of Ceremonies. Elevate your special day by infusing an aura of sophistication and grace, captivating your guests with the MC's adept orchestration. Craft an unforgettable experience that will be cherished for years to come.
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Melbourne MCs

From capturing your attention and entertaining guests, to presenting and introducing acts, speeches, and activities then re-directing the attention of attendees and guiding them through various events within one event. You’re wise to leave the coordination and crowd control at your function to our expert Wedding MCs. They know how to engage your guests and deliver key moments with precision.


Charlie has been working as a professional MC for over 15 years. Having worked professionally in Film, TV and on Stage both locally and abroad, he naturally gravitated towards MC work.

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With over four years of experience as a professionally trained Presenter MC (Host) for major TV networks and brands in Australia and the Philippines, Chanel has honed my skills in creating engaging content and delivering...

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Jarrah is a Melbourne-based emcee and facilitator, who has years of experience creating unforgettable moments that reside in the memory banks for a lifetime.

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Michael M

As an MC, Michael M is passionate about making the night as memorable as possible. Giving off a fun and energetic vibe, with a classy touch he brings a level confidence to the events proceedings. Michael is definitely...

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With years of experience, being able to read any event situation has given Justin the ability to capture audiences right from the start. With an array of previous clients giving feedback about his vibrant personality and his ability to make people...

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As the MC takes the stage, their lyrical prowess becomes the heartbeat of the night. Weaving words with precision, they create a magnetic atmosphere that resonates with the raw emotions of the audience.