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These Acoustic soloists will serenade you down the aisle, or provide the perfect chill background vibes at your cocktail event. There are vocal virtuoso’s who can play guitar, piano, or use loop pedals to create a multi-instrumental soundtrack live before your very eyes. With so much acoustic talent on offer, you’ll have trouble narrowing it down to your favorite soloist.

Sydney Singers

When seeking a singer in Sydney, find the finest, most professional, and captivating acoustic singers with a handpicked selection of melodious voices. This array will undoubtedly bring joy to your guests. As a soloist performs, not a dry eye will be in sight. An exceptional singer can create the perfect emotional atmosphere, striking the right chords at the perfect moments for you and your audience.


Jeremy holds a bachelor of musical performance and has been playing professionally as a soloist, duo, trio & band member since 2010. He possesses a smooth RnB/Soul voice & playing style. Placing a creative spin...

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La’Fell’s Leon Bridges-esque vocal tone is like ‘whiskey on the rocks’, lending itself best to genres including Soul, RnB, Pop, Jazz and Blues. He has been professionally performing for 8 years as a soloist, duo, trio & band member....

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Tom P

Tom is an English born, Australian raised musician whose main goal in life is to play music for people and make it mean something, whether that’s a special wedding song for the bride and groom, or a pub classic that takes you back to your youth....

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Melbourne Singers

In Melbourne, the realm of singers is buzzing with a skilled roster of individuals who excel in crafting the ideal musical atmosphere for various occasions. Whether it’s the vibrant nightlife or special events, Melbourne’s vocal artists are your top pick for dynamic and cost-effective musical encounters that will sustain the celebratory vibe.

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Searching for talented singer & duo performances tailored to your client's specific requests? Perhaps you're seeking a unique musical genre or style? Our portfolio features an expanding array of niche-focused singer & duo options available for hire in Australia. These acts are primed to bring to life the exceptional atmosphere you aspire to create at your event.