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Wedding Entertainment Canberra

Your Special Day, Our Harmonies

Wedding Entertainment Sydney

Your Wedding Day Melodies

In Canberra, let our seasoned musicians transform your wedding day into a symphony of love, whether you’re drawn to the soulful tunes of an acoustic duo, the electrifying beats of a talented wedding DJ, or the vibrant energy of a live wedding band.

Wedding Entertainment Sydney
Wedding Entertainment Sydney
Wedding Entertainment Sydney
Wedding Entertainment Sydney

Your Memorable Wedding Day

Your milestone event marks a momentous chapter in your journey, a day where treasured memories and love unite in a symphony of joy. It’s a celebration overflowing with emotion, from heartfelt vows to lively festivities. Our pledge is to enhance your special day with timeless music and entertainment, weaving a melodic tapestry that reflects your individual story and style. We’re dedicated to making every moment of your celebration extraordinary, from the initial embrace to the ultimate dance.

NOVA100’s national on-air resident djs since 2011

One of our core values is our commitment to creating ‘peak moments’ for our clients. These are memories that will last for a lifetime. We love nothing better than performing to a crowd that is vibrantly dancing, laughing, and smiling. We strive to create this kind of atmosphere each and every time we perform.


In the center of your reception, our wedding DJs specialize in curating moments brimming with the perfect melody. With vast experience and a passion for crafting the ultimate playlist, our DJs thrive in setting the mood and energizing the dance floor. Working closely with you, they ensure your musical tastes shape a distinct and personalized soundtrack. In Canberra, let our skilled DJs elevate your wedding celebration into a harmonious masterpiece that dances to the rhythm of your love.

Live Performers

At the heart of your reception, our wedding DJs excel in creating moments filled with the perfect melody. With extensive expertise and a dedication to crafting the ideal playlist, they thrive in setting the mood and energizing the dance floor. Collaborating closely with you, they tailor a unique soundtrack that reflects your musical tastes. In Canberra, let our talented DJs elevate your wedding celebration into a harmonious masterpiece, perfectly attuned to the rhythm of your love.


Check availability for your wedding day and let us help you turn it into an unforgettable event with our exceptional wedding entertainment services. Our team is here to ensure your wedding day is filled with the perfect music, Live bands, or DJs that suit your style and preferences. Get started today to secure your wedding date and create lasting memories.

wedding dj band

We’re shaking up the wedding entertainment scene with a fresh and forward-thinking approach, by introducing the innovative concept of a DJ Band. This dynamic blend of live musicians and DJ performances is quickly becoming a sought-after trend for couples aiming to enhance their wedding experience.


Discover the glowing reviews and testimonials from our happy customers on Easy Weddings. Their stories showcase our dedication to creating unforgettable wedding experiences.

CHOOSE an Wedding entertainment


The most experienced DJs Australia has on offer.

Singers & Duos

The most talented and diverse acoustic choices.

DJ Sax

These talented DJ Saxophone performers has more to offer than your regular DJ.


Explore Australia’s most professional live bands & wedding bands for hire.

Complete Soloist

Check out our incredibly talented Acoustic performers who are also DJ

DJ Singers

Our Hybrid DJ Singers have the ability to spin the greatest hits from behind the DJ decks.

DJ band

With The DJ Band, you get the best of both worlds, ensuring that your event is one to remember.


Elevate your event ambiance with the enchanting melodies of a skilled saxophonist.


What do your wedding packages include?

  • A wireless microphone for speeches
  • State of the art sound: 2x 15 inch PA Speakers
  • Stylish black surround DJ set up (for DJs)
  • A fun, unique & memorable element to your wedding
  • Personalised phone consultation with your chosen performer to tailor your perfect playlist and meet your aspirations
  • Direct venue coordination freeing up your time
  • The highest level of personal customer service from the moment you contact us

Can you MC my wedding?

  • A handful of our DJs / Acoustics / Bands are able to deliver a basic MC service at your wedding #win! The other handful are not comfortable or practised enough to deliver this service
  • Never fear though, our entertainers come equipped with a microphone that your arranged MC would be welcome to use
  • To check if your entertainer can MC – please let us know on your enquiry if this is a requirement & we’ll only put forward options that can MC
  • This MC service incurs a small additional fee

What do you recommend for our ceremony?

  • Acoustic singers/guitarists
  • Acoustic duos or trios
  • Solo guitarists(no vocals)
  • Pianists / Piano / Keyboard Players
  • Harpist
  • Violinist

What do you recommend for our reception?

  • Hybrid DJs (DJs with an additional skill)
    • DJ Saxophonists
    • DJ Singers
    • Acoustic Soloists who also DJ!
  • Professional Wedding DJs with:
    • Live Saxophonists
    • Live Singers / Vocalists
    • Percussionists
  • The most exciting 3-10 piece wedding bands Melbourne has on offer!
  • Wedding MCs
  • Acoustic Duos/Trios for a more chilled vibe

What will your performers wear to my wedding?

  • By Default:
    • Males: full suit, tie, pocket square & rose gold tie pin
    • Female Attire: beautiful formal cocktail attire
  • We can dress more casually (eg: chinos & shirt) if that’s your vibe! Just let us know!!