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Wedding DJ Band Melbourne

Get the best wedding DJ band in Melbourne for your big day. They’ll play live music and DJ mixes, all in one package just for you.


The choice between hiring a DJ or a band has been a long-lasting issue for brides, event planners, and function hosts. We have a new answer: The DJ Band. This special method mixes the thrilling beats and smooth changes of a DJ, with the lively show and energetic presence of a band. With The DJ Band, you get the best of both options, making sure that your event is remarkable and unforgettable. Our expert musicians and skilled DJs work in sync, creating an amazing atmosphere that will make your guests excited about your event for a long time. Have the best fun with The DJ Band – the new option that makes your event different and ensures lasting memories.

Wedding DJ Band Melbourne


Adding a live element to an otherwise standard DJ set can create a unique, bespoke entertainment experience that will keep your guests raving for years to come. Whether you want to add some vocals, saxophone, percussion, guitar, strings, or piano, we have the perfect live elements for your event. Our most popular additions to our DJ sets (in order) are: Singers, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Guitarists, Strings and Pianists. They can play along with the DJ’s music, adding more variety, excitement, and interaction to the event. For the best experience, we recommend booking 2 or 3 live elements for your event. You can choose the live elements that suit your style, genre, and budget, or let us suggest some options for you. With The DJ Band, you can have the ultimate entertainment experience that will make your event stand out and be unforgettable.


There’s no question that bands will provide a more interactive performance for your guests. However, often after a few hours of listening to the band, the music does start to have the same tone and feel. It’s difficult for bands to be as diverse in their style as a DJ can be with the original recording of a song.

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It is difficult for a DJ to match the same level of interactive stage presence that booking a band would provide. This is mainly due to the fewer number of people on stage and the absence of a dedicated vocalist who can be on the microphone at all times. However, guests often prefer to hear songs played in their original recorded versions, rather than as covers performed by a live band.

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Wedding DJ Band Melbourne


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