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Wedding Singers Perth

Explore Perth’s Premier Wedding Singers. Choose from our roster of over 20 talented acoustic performers.

Perth’s Top Acoustic Wedding Singers

When it comes to finding a wedding singer in Perth, Perth’s Entertainment Company is your ultimate destination. Experience the finest, most professional, and captivating acoustic performers we have to offer. Our handpicked selection of melodious voices will undoubtedly evoke tears of joy from your guests as you walk down the aisle. With our acoustic soloists, your special day will be filled with emotional resonance, ensuring every moment strikes the perfect chord for you and your partner.

Wedding Singer Sydney

Discover Your Perfect Perth Wedding Singer

Looking for wedding singers in Perth? Let’s discover your perfect musical match. Whether you prefer a soloist with an acoustic guitar, the sophistication of piano keys, or a specific vocal style, our diverse range of wedding singers can accommodate your tastes. Take your time, relax with a glass of wine, and enjoy videos and audio recordings to select your top three favorites that resonate with you and your partner.

For those interested in a blend of acoustic and DJ entertainment, explore our popular Complete Soloists category. These versatile performers can set the tone as they accompany your aisle walk with serenades, then seamlessly transition to DJ duties, ensuring your favorite music plays throughout your wedding day and night.

Acoustic Singers



From her angelic voice for wedding ceremonies to her powerhouse vocals for big party bands, Kahlia is one of Brisbane’s most versatile artists. She is best known for her dynamic stage presence, sultry vocal style and rocking guitar skills.

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The Cassettes

The Cassettes

Let the Cassettes rewind your next function to the analog era with the best of blues, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, add a little zest to your party with Cuban and Italian hits or fast forward to the digital age with a fresh take on your favourite classic...

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With a love for all styles and music, he always brings quality and commitment to everything he does. As a Bulldogs supporter, he flew home from New York just after arriving in 2016 to attend the AFL Grand Final.

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Kevin is a well-regarded artist who possesses exceptional talent as both a singer and multi-instrumentalist. He is widely recognized for his distinctive fusion of Country, Blues, and Rock genres.

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Wedding Singer Sydney


Don’t book an old out-of-touch, daggy, has-been acoustic wedding singer. Hire a young, fresh, and cool professional that fits inside your budget.


Got a questions? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

What's included when I book my Wedding Singer?

– A wired microphone for your speeches
– Powered speakers & stands (sufficient for background music for up to 150 people)
– All sound equipment, instruments & cables
– Unlimited phone & email correspondence with your Entertainment Producer in the lead-up to your big day.
– A direct telephone or video chat with your artist to chat about logistics, song choices & playlist curation to ensure that your music list is perfect on the night the week of your wedding
– Direct liaising by your Entertainment Managers with your venue to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You won’t be stuck coordinating bump-in requirements or induction certificates.
– When booking a wedding singer, Melbourne Entertainment Company makes the process as smooth as possible for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax & say “I do…”

What options do you have for the reception?

We have a variety of 4-6hr Wedding reception offerings

Our Hybrid DJs (DJs with an additional skill)
– DJ Saxophonists
– DJ Singers
– Acoustic Soloists who also DJ!

Chose one of our professional Wedding DJs with:
– Live Saxophonists
– Live Singers / Vocalists
– Percussionists

Not digging the Wedding DJ vibe? We also have some of the most exciting 3-10 piece wedding bands! Or Acoustic Duos/Trios for a more chilled night.

Can my DJ play music for the ceremony?

Absolutely they can! You can extend your wedding DJ booking forward by an hour or two and have them look after the key songs during your ceremony. They’ll bring along an additional speaker to play music as soon as your guests start arriving. Furthermore, we recommend having music playing 30 minutes prior to your ceremony start time for the keen beans who arrive early! They’ll play your key songs as you walk down the aisle, sign the certificate and walk back down the aisle after you’re all signed & locked in!

If you’re also looking for some live entertainment during your ceremony/canape time – feel free to check out some of our:

– Acoustic singer/guitar soloists
– Acoustic duos or trios
– Solo guitarists (no vocals)
– Pianists / Piano / Keyboard Players
– String Quartets / Duos / Trios
– Harpists

How do I choose the songs I want played?

Upon confirming your booking with us, we’ll send you a ‘Wedding Expectations form to complete. Here you will have room to enter your:

– Overall style/vibe you’re going for
– Formality songs (first dance, entrance, Father/Daughter, etc…)
– Top 10 must-play requests
– Additional song requests
– Do-Not-Plays (for any tragic over-done wedding songs that you DO NOT want to be played on your big day)

This way you’ll have full customization over the music style you hear at your wedding. Similarly, we also promote our artists as being adaptable to different crowds and situations rather than “the best at mixing House music” for example. Weddings have diverse ranges of crowds, and keeping everyone happy is a professional skill that our performers are exceptional at.

Do we need to feed our DJ?

Firstly thanks for thinking of our stomachs! While we do encourage our entertainers to pack a snack, for anyone performing for longer than 2.5 hours, a provided crew meal would be greatly appreciated. Our performers have to be on their feet for a long time & some sustenance will help them provide an even more energetic performance for you.

What will my DJ wear on the night?

Our impeccably polished performers will come dressed to impress! As a standard outfit, the attire will be ‘formal cocktail’. Think suits, ties, jackets, and cocktail dresses! But if you’re having a more chill wedding – you’re welcome to request more of a smart casual chinos/shirt vibe. Or ‘leave the tie’ at home! But on hot summer wedding days 30 degrees and above, our artists may wear chino shorts or a more breathable outfit.

Can my wedding DJ MC on the night?

  •  Some of our wedding DJs can also MC! Not all of them are comfortable, however, so please make it clear that this is a requirement on your inquiry as it will impact which performers we suggest.
  •  If MCing is very important to you, we highly recommend employing the services of a professional stand-alone MC whose sole job it is to MC on the night. Separating the roles on the night does ensure a more professional delivery of service. But if you are expecting a professional level of MC delivery with any additional flare/comedy/jokes/personality thrown in – we highly recommend requesting a quote for a stand-alone Wedding MC with us.
  •  DJing and MCing at a wedding is quite a bit of responsibility, and the DJ-MC script is standardized to ensure a consistent MC delivery at every wedding.
  •  Rest assured that our performers come with a wireless microphone ready to go so that your MC can be heard throughout the night if you organize your own MC.
  •  To check if your DJ can MC – please let us know on your inquiry & we’ll only put forward options that can MC
  •  The DJ-MC service incurs an additional fee

Do I get to choose who my wedding DJ will be?

– Absolutely, our whole business model is based upon our couples having choice on their big day. You’re welcome to choose from an array of our amazing professional Wedding DJs.

– Many of our talented individuals have additional skills, and you’re able to view, watch, read and then listen to their incredible work before making your final decision.

Can I have a meeting with our chosen performer?

While it is possible to meet, we honestly believe that there isn’t anything that can’t be discussed over the Phone or FaceTime/Zoom early in the week of your wedding. This saves everyone time, which we know is super valuable when you’re planning a wedding. If after an initial phone chat/Face-Time, you’d still like to meet your booked entertainer, then get in touch and we can organize the meeting for you.

Wedding Singer Sydney
Wedding DJ Sydney
Wedding Singer Sydney
Wedding Singer Sydney


Our Hybrid DJ Singers cannot only spin the greatest and best hits from behind the DJ decks but can also sing! This amazing vocal DJ performance is truly unique, with only a handful of performers capable of this in Perth.


Wedding DJ Sydney

DJ Cass

Cass’s sets range from analog-era hits in disco, soul, Latin, and funk to fresh spins on modern pop and club tracks. She’s a regular at major events and brands like Google, Telstra, Toyota, Sephora, and more, including Australian fashion giants like MYER, David Jones, and Sheike. Raised as a singer and saxophonist, Cass is a celebrated figure in Sydney’s DJ scene.

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DJ | Entertainer Daniel R

Daniel’s passion for house music drives him to constantly deliver fresh hits alongside timeless classics and popular tunes. Committed to ensuring everyone, regardless of age or background, has a great time, he believes, “The best part of my job is shaping people’s night experiences. A packed dance floor is always memorable.”

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Wedding DJ Sydney


If you’re not sure sure about whether or not to book a DJ or an acoustic musician, and don’t have the budget or both: check out our amazing acoustic musicians who also DJ! (We call them complete soloists) who can tick both boxes for you.

Don’t just book a regular Wedding Singer, hire an artist who can sing & play acoustically over dinner!


Ask for a quote to compare pricing

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Discover a selection of exceptionally talented performers ready for hire. Our artists are dedicated to crafting unforgettable and enchanting experiences whenever they take the stage.